Growl Extension v1.0.2

I uploaded the newest version of the add-on earlier today to AMO, so once it gets approved, you’ll get a nice update. The following issues were fixed in this release:

  • (Thunderbird) Fixed subject encoding issues that sometimes occurred with messages.
  • (All) Added a de localization.
  • (Thunderbird) Stopped displaying RSS feeds due to the vast number of notifications that were sent. This is only temporary until a delayed system for dispatching notifications is created that will handle a large load of notifications (Growl will actually handle this in 1.1, so it may not be worthwhile)

Today I just committed a patch to trunk that properly selects the message when you click on a notification in Thunderbird. I’m not going to release that just yet as I want to play with it myself a bit.


Growl Extension v1.0.1 Released!

That’s right, I finally got around to releasing the latest version of the Growl Extension for Firefox 2.0 and Thunderbird 2.0. This one has some nice fixes in it:

  • Cleaned up a memory leak when registering notifications
  • Enabled Notification support for Chatzilla
  • Enabled click-back support for Chatzilla notifications (focuses Chatzilla window)
  • Enabled click-back support for download notifications (opens/focuses the Download Manager)
  • Enabled click-back support for new mail notifications (opens/focuses Thunderbird)

My testing has shown this to be a rock solid release, and I’m quite proud of it. I have a few more things planned for it, so there still should be a few more releases, but otherwise, there isn’t much more to be done.

You can grab the extension on



The Growl project’s Mozilla extension has officially been released! I dropped Chatzilla support for now since that was the only thing that was holding it up for a stable release. Chatzilla support will come back, but there’s a few bugs I still need to work out. I didn’t see a reason from keeping the other functionality this extension brings from the masses otherwise.

I’ll get on writing docs on how to add your own notifications for Growl on the mac as well. I’ll post here when those are done (hopefully tonight). UPDATE: Developer docs can be found here.

Anywho, you can get it for Thunderbird, Firefox, and Flock right here


Growl Extension v0.9.5

Well, I recently checked in the fix for the previously mentioned bug. It was a big pain, but I finally figured out and implemented (the implementation was the hard part) the fix. I had a few stupid code errors (like not indicating that my class supports nsIObserver, when it needed to) that caused me to take a lot more time than necessary to get this fixed. Now that that is all done, I’ll be writing up a doc on how to write your own code to hook into this extension so everyone can easily use Growl within Mozilla code!

It should be noted that this version of the extension includes basic support for Chatzilla. I plan on working with Gijs to get more in the future, but I think what we have now is a solid start.

AMO has the latest version, and you can get it from there:


Growl Extension Bug

Joey Minta brought it to my attention that Growl isn’t saving your preference about a notification being displayed once the application you have the extension running in restarts. Today I looked into it a bit, and at first I thought I was using the wrong method. However, the method that I thought was the right one ended up being an alias for what I was doing anyway (yey for open source code!).

I really don’t want to compare registration dictionaries and then re-register myself, and it seems like I shouldn’t have to. So, I’ve sent a message to the Growl Discussion list wondering if that is actually the intended behavior. The first e-mail I got back seems to indicate that it isn’t the intended behavior, so I’m going to hold off on writing code to compare dictionaries for now. Once this issue is resolved, I will feel confident about releasing 0.9.5, as well as get docs out on how other extension can include support for Growl easily. Hopefully that will be within the next two weeks.