Growl Extension v1.0.2

I uploaded the newest version of the add-on earlier today to AMO, so once it gets approved, you’ll get a nice update. The following issues were fixed in this release:

  • (Thunderbird) Fixed subject encoding issues that sometimes occurred with messages.
  • (All) Added a de localization.
  • (Thunderbird) Stopped displaying RSS feeds due to the vast number of notifications that were sent. This is only temporary until a delayed system for dispatching notifications is created that will handle a large load of notifications (Growl will actually handle this in 1.1, so it may not be worthwhile)

Today I just committed a patch to trunk that properly selects the message when you click on a notification in Thunderbird. I’m not going to release that just yet as I want to play with it myself a bit.

By Shawn Wilsher

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did this extension ever work with the gmail notifier ( extension? for some reason i could have sworn i used to get growl notifications when i had new mail and now i don’t anymore.

maybe i’m just crazy…

does this extension expose any kind of api that others may just hook into to send out alerts? if not, could one be added?

Hi Shawn,

I have been successfully using the extension with Growl 0.7.6 with default notification Music Video. However when I upgrade to Growl 1.1.1, it does not work with Music Video. I wonder if you are aware of this issue and if not, if it would be possible to look into it?

Thanks very much,

Feature request: Can you have it NOT report Junk messages to Growl? Or is it technically difficult to do this?

What’s more annoying than spam, is getting real-time, on-screen notices about anatomy enlargement and other unpleasant subject lines.

Otherwise – I love the notifications. Better than a bouncing dock icon!


There’s code in there to check for it, but I’m aware that it doesn’t seem to work well. Once I’m done with exams, I’ll try to take a look at it again to see if I can improve things at all.

Hey Shawn – Thanks for this wonderful Thunderbird add-on. I was wondering if any progress has been made re: junk email notifications? I’m actually quite new to Thunderbird and when I found out about growl notifications I was quite excited but after seeing endless numbers of junk mail pop up on my screen, my excitement soon turned as you can imagine. I appreciate that it may be some work to fix up. Please let me (us) know

You know, I think I landed a fix for it in the code repository, but then never released a new version. I’ll look into doing that soon (maybe this weekend, although I have two projects due for school Real Soon Now).

I too want the spam filter feature. I get a ton of spam every day, and the growl notifier is useless to me without this feature. Thanks so much in advance!

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