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Tag Archives: tests

Today I checked in bug 517604 which gives native code tests a new, clean profile directory after every run. This puts the native code test harness on par with xpcshell-tests, and tests will no longer have to provide their own profile directory. This means that they no longer have to clean up after themselves. The harness will do it for them now! Happy testing :)

I just checked in bug 473845 which fixed the last persistent leak in browser chrome tests. It also dropped the leak threshold down to zero for those tests, so leakers will be spotted immediately and properly backed out.


Did you know that you no longer have to do some complicated command line incantation to run mochi-style tests? Ted recently landed support for make mochitest-plain, make mochitest-chrome, make mochitest-a11y, and make mochitest-browser-chrome. Today, I just pushed support to specify the --test-path parameter of old. To use it, just add TEST_PATH=your/path/here to the make command line.

For those of you who are used to running browser tests, you no longer have to worry about adding in the ../browser bits to the path either. The makefile handles it all for you. Hurray!