Stalk words and channel messages; Check

Well, I just checked in the code to have stalk words and your nick send a notification, as well as any message said in the channel. It’s really cool!

I might be able to get all the notifications done by the end of the week, and then I’ll have another preview release out for general consumption (still in the sandbox of course).

You can of course build it from the source if you are ambitious enough. ;)


Chatzilla support with Growl

I’m working on making Chatzilla work with the Growl extension. The idea was actually brought up by Joey Minta, who pointed out that a lot of other irc clients use Growl. I quickly realized that this would be an awesome feature for the extension and for Chatzilla, so I pinged Gijs Kruitbosch seeing if it would be feasible.

Looks like it will be, so I spent some time today and yesterday getting the component setup for integration. I’m just waiting to hear back from him about how I need to use Chatzilla’s hooks, and away I’ll go!

I’m still looking for feedback, so the more testers the better. I noticed a bug yesterday with Thunderbird new mail notification, and I’m investigating that (my knowledge of mail code is much weaker than that of browser code).

I will keep you all posted!


Growl Extension released!

Well, today I added support for Thunderbird (2.0b2 and greater) for my Growl integration extension. It also works in Firefox for the downloads. You can get it here, but you need to make the sandbox visible in order to see it (it isn’t a public release yet). You should not click the link to go to the extension since it logs you out of amo (another bug that I don’t know the number of, but will be fixed soon). Copy and paste it, and all should work out.

It only says support for Firefox on that page, but that’s only because of Bug 374890. It really does support Firefox 2.0, Thunderbird 2.0b2, and Flock 0.8!

It will display notifications for download start, download finish, download canceled, download failed, and new mail notifications (depending on which application you install it in). If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

EDIT: There seems to be some possible issues for those using of Firefox. Please make sure you have the latest version!

EDIT2: OK, there seems to be some confusion about the url. Sadly, this is in the sandbox, which means there’s a nice complication. You have to log in/create an account at the site, go to your user preferences, and then enable the sandbox. From there, the url will work just fine – otherwise you’ll get an “Addon not found!” error (see Bug 374406 and friends)

Firefox Growl

Growl and Firefox

Well, about an hour ago I checked in some code into the Growl subversion repository for an extension that will get Growl working with Firefox. There is still a minor issue with it, and sadly the issue prevents it from working, but I think that can be solved sooner rather than later.

As of now, the only thing it does is enable the download complete notification to work. You might say “but we’ve already got that!“, but I assure you that my approach is much better. First of all, it doesn’t require that you have growlnotify installed anywhere. It uses the same code that I’m using for Bug 362685, with a few changes for it to work on the 1.8.0 and 1.8 branches (Firefox 1.5 and 2.0 respectively).

I’m starting off small, but it can get much more advanced as things go on. This will, of course, be more useful for extension authors (as consumers) as opposed to browser functionality (the only thing nsIAlertsService is used for is the download complete notification). I can add more notifications down the line though, and I also plan to support at least Thunderbird, and maybe even Sunbird too! I’ll try to keep anyone interested in this updated here.