Growl Extension released!

Well, today I added support for Thunderbird (2.0b2 and greater) for my Growl integration extension. It also works in Firefox for the downloads. You can get it here, but you need to make the sandbox visible in order to see it (it isn’t a public release yet). You should not click the link to go to the extension since it logs you out of amo (another bug that I don’t know the number of, but will be fixed soon). Copy and paste it, and all should work out.

It only says support for Firefox on that page, but that’s only because of Bug 374890. It really does support Firefox 2.0, Thunderbird 2.0b2, and Flock 0.8!

It will display notifications for download start, download finish, download canceled, download failed, and new mail notifications (depending on which application you install it in). If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

EDIT: There seems to be some possible issues for those using of Firefox. Please make sure you have the latest version!

EDIT2: OK, there seems to be some confusion about the url. Sadly, this is in the sandbox, which means there’s a nice complication. You have to log in/create an account at the site, go to your user preferences, and then enable the sandbox. From there, the url will work just fine – otherwise you’ll get an “Addon not found!” error (see Bug 374406 and friends)

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I was wondering if there was any other way to obtain the extension. I have created a new account with Mozilla, but after repeated requests, I have failed to receive my confirmation email, so I cannot log in. (I *have* checked my spam folder, and there’s nothing there.)

Also, I was curious as to what exactly Growl will notify me of once the extension is installed. For example, will it be able to tell me when my RSS feeds have been updated?



Hmm, that’s a strange bug on amo…

I could make it notify on that, but right now it only displays notifications for download stuff. I’ve been trying to come up with other things to notify, so I’ll have to look into the feed thing. I’m not sure to be honest.

I guess the first question is how are you checking those feeds? If it’s from some other extension, I hope to make docs soon that show other extensions how to hook into the functionality of this extension.

I was thinking of using Sage to check my feeds, but I could be perfectly happy with the Live Bookmarks thing if it notified me when new feeds were up.

I’m with batshua. i am fine with live bookmarks and comfortable with how it works – i’d just LOVE a growl popout with the most recent updates, sort of like how google notifier gives a new gmail notification.

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