Test Build: Asynchronous Location Bar Searches (Take 2)

It turns out that I neglected to make the all-important packages-static file changes that would actually result in a build that works for most folks in my previous test builds. I thought I had fixed that with the last build, but apparently I never submitted it to the try server (I had the line in my terminal all ready to just press enter though!).

Without further delay, here is the new test build.

I’ve also made a handy little add-on that lets you test this out. I haven’t tested this add-on extensively, but it should work out OK. If you think you see a bug, try the test build first before reporting it please.

Still want your feedback on if you think the results are faster, slower, or about the same, so please follow-up!

By Shawn Wilsher

The man behind the site.

2 replies on “Test Build: Asynchronous Location Bar Searches (Take 2)”

It seemed to work pretty fast the first time, but it isn’t returning any results thereafter. It also seems to still be using as much CPU as it can on the background thread, even as I’m typing. I’m not entirely sure what it’s doing… it’s used over 18 minutes of CPU time now. It’s not really doing any disk I/O, that I can see…

Additionally, now that the awesome bar doesn’t work, when I press return to navigate to the URL I’ve typed in, it doesn’t do anything until I focus something else, at which point it starts loading the page. The ‘go’ arrow still works, though.

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