Test Add-on: Asynchronous Location Bar Searches (Take 3)

It seems as though the past builds still had issues on Windows. Mook was kind enough to get be a stack of the hang on shutdown folks were seeing, and I’ve modified the code to avoid making that happen (still not sure why it happened, but I know how it could get there – bug is filed). Without further delay, here’s an add-on that you can try out with the latest fixes in! I’ve been told on irc that this one works much better on Windows.

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Just ran across this post on Planet. I’ve had very poor Awesome Bar performance so I tried this solution and I make Firefox stick at 100% CPU usage when I type ‘this is a test’ into the Awesome Bar.

WinXP, latest-trunk

I have done a little more testing coupled with careful observation.

It seems a usual thing now for the first couple of characters I type to cause the Awesome Bar to jitter up and down like a much more fresh install (good behavior) but, after a few more characters, CPU time heads up toward 100%. Sometimes it stays there and I have to kill Firefox but it more-than-often goes back down.

Using your add-on and pressing enter after entering an url Firefox get stuck. It takes about 15-20s until the page gets loaded. That’s really annoying. Sorry, but have to disable the add-on for now.

I am using 0.12 and I experience that problem occasionally, but not always.

Also, Firefox keeps telling me there’s an 0.13 to update to, but whatever it installs just appears to be 0.12 again, which means Firefox still thinks I need to update to 0.13.

Search for “this page isn’t in my history yay”

3.2a1pre latest, Windows XP 32bit:
Your build: 45 seconds
normal build: 175 seconds

machine: 1.8 GHz intel centrino slowed down to 600 MHz, 1 GB RAM
history: ~41,000
bookmarks: maybe 7,000

it’s much faster than the default, but it also seems to make memory use go crazy. i saw firefox hit 1gb of memory for the first time ever.

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