mozStorage Explorer

The other day while working I realized how annoying it can be to debug some mozStorage issues. Enter mozStorage Explorer. It’s a simple little addon I wrote that lets you run queries on databases found in your profile. Right now that’s all it does, but in the future I plan to let it browse data too (as soon as I figure how out how to list all the tables in a database).

I’ve tossed it up here for those of you who want to play with it. Suggestions welcome!


The Awesomeness of the Try Server

Did you know about the Try Server? It is really a beautiful thing. You log in with your LDAP account (anyone with CVS access should have it), submit the patch, then watch the tree. But that isn’t why it is awesome. It is awesome because it then compiles your changes (in a clobber build), and provides you with the builds. I’ve already found a windows only compile time error with Bug 391870 that would have had a bad impact had I checked it in (as many of us know, the windows test boxen take forever to cycle sometimes). On top of that, I can provide builds for people to play with and report any issues in the bug!

I can’t tell you how useful this could have when I was working on making SQLite a shared library. Luckily then, I had Ryan VanderMeulen testing all the platforms I couldn’t (thanks again Ryan).

Summary: use the Try Server and don’t burn the tree! Rumor has it, they’ll be running tests soon too!

On an unrelated note, awesomeness is apparently a word according to my spell checker. You learn something new everyday…


Unicode LIKE support for mozStorage

Bug 391156 landed today which enables unicode support for LIKE statements in mozStorage. Thanks goes out to Seth for helping me to get this well tested and working correctly. This feature was needed for places search, as well as download manager’s new search.

Next thing we need to do is to better optimize our LIKE implementation so that is runs faster.

Mozilla Personal

Mozilla Interns Jump Out of a Plane!


Today six Mozilla interns jumped out of a plane to go skydiving! Michael (mwu), Jeff (Waldo), Alex (abuchanan), Adam (ispiked), Reed (reed), and myself were all in attendance at Adventure Center Skydiving, Inc. in Hollister, California. Yes, we all jumped.

I have to say that it was unlike anything I have ever experienced. The best way I can describe it is just “awesome”. I cannot think of anything else to say about it because it’s such an amazing experience.

The plane was pretty cool since it had a polycarbonate door that you could see right out of. I happened to be sitting right next to it (which also meant that I was the first of the tandem jumpers to go – that was neat). When it came time to jump, I have to admit that I was a bit nervous. Then, there I was standing on the edge of the plane waiting for my Jumpmaster to push us off while looking down at the ground and noticing just how high up I really was. Off we went! A note to anyone who ever intends to skydive – don’t open your mouth for too long. It dries out really fast, and your cheeks puff out really fast.

I’ll let the video explain the rest.

Here’s a Google Video of the fun Google Video doesn’t like AAC audio, which is the only thing I can encode it to with iMovie. Drat…

A higher quality version of that isn’t sufficient for you. (40 MB)