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Today six Mozilla interns jumped out of a plane to go skydiving! Michael (mwu), Jeff (Waldo), Alex (abuchanan), Adam (ispiked), Reed (reed), and myself were all in attendance at Adventure Center Skydiving, Inc. in Hollister, California. Yes, we all jumped.

I have to say that it was unlike anything I have ever experienced. The best way I can describe it is just “awesome”. I cannot think of anything else to say about it because it’s such an amazing experience.

The plane was pretty cool since it had a polycarbonate door that you could see right out of. I happened to be sitting right next to it (which also meant that I was the first of the tandem jumpers to go – that was neat). When it came time to jump, I have to admit that I was a bit nervous. Then, there I was standing on the edge of the plane waiting for my Jumpmaster to push us off while looking down at the ground and noticing just how high up I really was. Off we went! A note to anyone who ever intends to skydive – don’t open your mouth for too long. It dries out really fast, and your cheeks puff out really fast.

I’ll let the video explain the rest.

Here’s a Google Video of the fun Google Video doesn’t like AAC audio, which is the only thing I can encode it to with iMovie. Drat…

A higher quality version of that isn’t sufficient for you. (40 MB)


    • Paul Kim
    • Posted August 5, 2007 at 10:48 (10:48 am)
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    That was an incredible video Shawn. You finished your summer project before signing up for the jump, right? ;-)

  1. Hah, you guys are crazy. Nice video though. Did you try if youtube likes it?

  2. Oh, when I felt bored I looked if Ipernity would like the video and it did :)

    Feel free to embed it. (Also, if you want me to delete it again, will do so too of course).

  3. @Fred

    I didn’t see how to embed it, but thanks for doing that!

  4. No prob, shawn. The embedding page seems to be hidden a little:

  5. @Fred

    Now that gives me an error:
    Fred doesn’t authorize any download for this doc.


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