The Awesomeness of the Try Server

Did you know about the Try Server? It is really a beautiful thing. You log in with your LDAP account (anyone with CVS access should have it), submit the patch, then watch the tree. But that isn’t why it is awesome. It is awesome because it then compiles your changes (in a clobber build), and provides you with the builds. I’ve already found a windows only compile time error with Bug 391870 that would have had a bad impact had I checked it in (as many of us know, the windows test boxen take forever to cycle sometimes). On top of that, I can provide builds for people to play with and report any issues in the bug!

I can’t tell you how useful this could have when I was working on making SQLite a shared library. Luckily then, I had Ryan VanderMeulen testing all the platforms I couldn’t (thanks again Ryan).

Summary: use the Try Server and don’t burn the tree! Rumor has it, they’ll be running tests soon too!

On an unrelated note, awesomeness is apparently a word according to my spell checker. You learn something new everyday…

By Shawn Wilsher

The man behind the site.

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