Harry Potter

I just got back from Harry Potter, and I have to say that I’m greatly disappointed. One might even say that I am even upset about it. I feel that the movie didn’t do the plot justice. It was really lacking details, and compared to the book, was rather boring. I could go on ranting about it, but I think I’ll leave it at this – the movie wasn’t worth it. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you save your money.

Clearly Disappointed,



DOM Inspector and Events

There are some fascinating discussions going on in the newsgroups about the DOM Inspector and events. The basic summary is that there is a demand to view events on a particular node in the DOMi. The more discussion on this issue, the better, so please participate if you have anything to say about this.


Growl Extension v1.0.2

I uploaded the newest version of the add-on earlier today to AMO, so once it gets approved, you’ll get a nice update. The following issues were fixed in this release:

  • (Thunderbird) Fixed subject encoding issues that sometimes occurred with messages.
  • (All) Added a de localization.
  • (Thunderbird) Stopped displaying RSS feeds due to the vast number of notifications that were sent. This is only temporary until a delayed system for dispatching notifications is created that will handle a large load of notifications (Growl will actually handle this in 1.1, so it may not be worthwhile)

Today I just committed a patch to trunk that properly selects the message when you click on a notification in Thunderbird. I’m not going to release that just yet as I want to play with it myself a bit.


New mozStorage Functionality

I just landed a lovely patch from Lev Serebryakov that does several awesome things for mozStorage (Bug 333848):

  • Adds support to allow functions to return values
  • Adds support for aggregate functions
  • Adds support for progress handlers (which can cancel long running queries)

I want to thank Lev for putting up with massive delays on getting reviews for his code, and adding xpcshell unit tests along with the C++ test. The thing I really like about having xpcshell unit tests is that it shows you how to use the API with JavaScript (I won’t get into how testing also helps you design a better API…). If you want to see how to the new stuff works, check out the test files.