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No really, I’m still here

I’ve been doing a lot of work, which takes away from time I could actually post something interesting here.

That, however, is exactly why I am writing now! I’m embarking on something new yet again (did I mention I like being busy and have a lot of projects ongoing?). As many of you may know, I have been fixing bugs in the Mozilla Code base. Primarily, those bugs are dealing with the DOM Inspector, which is a wonderful tool that can solve a lot of weird issues you might come across. I find it especially useful dealing with large documents because the DOM is often too complex to just understand by looking at the source code. If you haven’t seen it before, I strongly suggest you at least take a look.

Anyway, what I am wondering is how many people actually have heard and use the DOM Inspector? I know a lot of my friends didn’t even know about it when I asked them (these are my technical friends, so I kinda expected them to know), so this is somewhat of a feeler. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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One reply on “No really, I’m still here”

I still honestly don’t know what the DOM inspector does… is it like the W3C’s parsers? Does it tell you how Firefox interprets your page? Is it for XHTML compliance, or cross-browser compliance?
I could probably install it and find out, but I’m too lazy… I often put up with Windows Updates restart message for hours, because I can’t be bothered to close Firefox and restart. Reinstalling Firefox, then restarting, would be like 10x worse.

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