Bugzilla Helper Add-on

I’ve been a bit frustrated at how often I switch from my e-mail client to my browser when I’m reading bugmail to reply to some comment. Then I saw Gerv’s Bugzilla REST API, and I decided it was time to write an add-on.

Without further ado, I present the add-on. Feel free to give me feedback by leaving a comment on this post.

By Shawn Wilsher

The man behind the site.

17 replies on “Bugzilla Helper Add-on”

Hum. So what exactly does it do?

…er, ignore that! I was trying the Reply functionality on a change without a comment, silly me.

This add-on intrigues me and is likely to make me motivated enough to add things I wish I could do from Thunderbird (CC to bugs, for example). Expect patches soon for various things (like perhaps the Reply bug above).

You have hg access – go ahead and land those. Thanks!

I had thought about it, but your add-on is more generic and supports all Bugzilla installs, and Trac, and another one I think. The REST API is only available for, so I’m not sure it’s a good fit with your add-on. FWIW, I use your add-on too!

Hmm, I pulled the repo, just added SeaMonkey as compatible app in the install.rdf and everything works, I just get a message back on replying that complains about an empty response from the server, is that normal?
And also, is it normal that it requests my login and password on _every single_ reply?


It will save your password if it gets the expected response (201), but it won’t if it gets any other. Sounds like gerv’s API is misbehaving because you shouldn’t be getting an empty response.

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