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Monthly Archives: October 2009

If you’ve been experiencing crashes when trying to delete a large set of history, I have great news for you! We’ve identified the issue, and a fix will be coming to you shortly!
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I see some members of our community are taking lessons from hostile, abusive, rude community members. Come on folks – really? Can’t we all play nice, or do we really have to resort to cursing in posts to get our point across? I don’t want to read a rant complete with foul language anymore than I want to have my teeth pulled, and I bet lots of others feel the same way.

Please think twice before publishing/committing something. Thanks!

I’ve been a bit frustrated at how often I switch from my e-mail client to my browser when I’m reading bugmail to reply to some comment. Then I saw Gerv’s Bugzilla REST API, and I decided it was time to write an add-on.

Without further ado, I present the add-on. Feel free to give me feedback by leaving a comment on this post.

Today I checked in bug 517604 which gives native code tests a new, clean profile directory after every run. This puts the native code test harness on par with xpcshell-tests, and tests will no longer have to provide their own profile directory. This means that they no longer have to clean up after themselves. The harness will do it for them now! Happy testing :)