Test Build: Asynchronous Location Bar (Take >2)

I have another test build for folks to try out. This fixes a possible error condition that could happen in certain circumstances. This build has two known issues:

  1. There is a lot of flickering when new results show up. This is being tracked in bug 393902.
  2. Your computer will hang for a period of time (it will become responsive again) if you continue to type once no results are found. This is being tracked in bug 503701.

This is built off of a “stable” point of mozilla-central, so it’s like using a 3.6 nightly. All the normal warnings apply about using it. I’m told this greatly increases the speed at which results obtained by many people. If you experience any issues (other than the two listed here), please let me know! The builds can be found here.

By Shawn Wilsher

The man behind the site.