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Finer-grained Controls for Clearing Private Data

I semi-recently did some work to add a nice new feature for Firefox 3.1. The feature is “Forget About This Site,” and is a nice addition to our Clear Private Data and Private Browsing features. Any time you view a history entry (in the history sidebar or in the Library) you get a handy context menu item:
Forget About This Site Screenshot

That’s right! You can now selectively clear data from a domain (and all of it’s sub domains) with two clicks of the mouse! This tries to clear everything we know about a site, with the exception of bookmarks. There are still a number of issues pending with this to make it even more powerful (help wanted!), but as it stands, it’s pretty nice. I am, of course, biased.

All this work made it in for Firefox 3.1 beta 2, but I’ve been lazy and am just now getting to it.


Double Landings? No Problem!

I just found a really useful way to do the double landings that we have to do if we want to land anything on the 1.9.1 branch right now. hg has this handy feature that will let you import from a url, which means it’s incredibly simple to take a changeset from mozilla-central, and then push it to mozilla-1.9.1:

  1. Figure out your changeset url for mozilla-central. For this example, we’ll use
  2. In your mozilla-1.9.1 tree, run hg import and pass in the previously obtained mozilla-central revision url, with a minor modification: change rev to raw-rev (so you’ll end up with

Assuming it applied cleanly, you now have that changeset as a local commit in your repo. You can now push like you always do. Happy landings!

Mozilla Personal

Artistic Blog Representation

I wanted to see what I was writing about looked like after reading KaiRo’s post about his site. So, I jumped on over to Wordle (which sadly uses Java), and generated this:

Click to see full image

Clearly, I write a lot about Mozilla, and as of late, performance has dominated that topic. It’s funny, because some time this week I was going to write another blog post about performance too…

Side note: It’d be really cool if someone made a WordPress widget that generated this.


WordPress Upgraded and a New Theme

I just got done upgrading WordPress again. I was a bit out of date, but no longer! I also got tired of iTheme, so I’ve gone and grabbed Whitespace by Brian Gardner. I’m not totally happy with it, so I expect to be making some modifications, but I like it a lot better than iTheme.

Let me know if anything seems broken…

Mozilla Technology

Highlight Warnings in Make

Curtis just gave me this incredibly handy piece of code that higlights errors and warnings in make output. Now, when I’m building, all the warnings are highlighted in yellow, and the errors in red. Just put the following in your bash profile script:

  ccred=$(echo -e "\033[0;31m")
  ccyellow=$(echo -e "\033[0;33m")
  ccend=$(echo -e "\033[0m")
  /usr/bin/make "$@" 2>&1 | sed -E -e "/[Ee]rror[: ]/ s%$pathpat%$ccred&$ccend%g" -e "/[Ww]arning[: ]/ s%$pathpat%$ccyellow&$ccend%g"
  return ${PIPESTATUS[0]}

Of course, improvements and more ideas welcome! Thanks goes to Curtis for this!