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I wanted to see what I was writing about looked like after reading KaiRo’s post about his site. So, I jumped on over to Wordle (which sadly uses Java), and generated this:

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Clearly, I write a lot about Mozilla, and as of late, performance has dominated that topic. It’s funny, because some time this week I was going to write another blog post about performance too…

Side note: It’d be really cool if someone made a WordPress widget that generated this.

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5 replies on “Artistic Blog Representation”

What’s wrong about Java? It’s free, open source, and cross-platform. I’d rather every website used Java than the proprietary Adobe Flash… they only need to work a little on the perf, but if every site used it, that would be the top priority.

Shawn – something could presumably be done using CSS Transforms, but I don’t know how well implemented that spec is yet. I know Firefox and Webkit have both done some work, but I don’t know if any browser actually has it in a released version.

@David: Java’s not too bad (politically speaking), but it delivers programs in binary blobs and has a very stiff and prudish language design. That clashes with the “open for all, tweak everything” approach that makes Javascript such a gorgeous language. (Yes, I said gorgeous…)

Canvas with text support would probably work best for this kind of thing, but that’s very bleeding edge. Java’s perfectly fine for now.

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