DOM Inspector Freed!

I just resolved bug 271812, which means you can now get the DOM Inspector for 1.9 products off of AMO. Nightly testers (and future beta 4 users) will notice that it’s no longer included by default in the product. You can get the add-on here! The UI is no longer coupled to the release of Firefox, so we can update things independent of the Firefox release cycle. Certain back-end changes will still depend on the Gecko release schedule, but I think I’m OK with that since that would require shipping binary components if we didn’t want to do that. Binary components are hard, and other add-ons (like Firebug) depend on some of them too. It’s best if they stay a part of layout for the time being.

By Shawn Wilsher

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I’m sorry, but if that’s how you feel, so be it. You don’t seem to be using Firefox for the right reasons if that’s the case anyway. Keeping the DOM Inspector bound to Firefox’s release schedule was a crappy situation.

I think this is great news; it’s been on my wish list for a long time. Along with the reasons you already mentioned, now I can send end users to AMO when they didn’t install DOM Inspector along with Firefox, instead of making them reinstall Firefox from scratch.

I think this is the right decision. I use the DOM Inspector myself (although less then a few years ago since Firebug and the Web Developer Extension arrived) and I don’t see a problem to install it like any other extension.

Love the DOM!!!

Who cares where it lives, just so long as YOU are happy that you can make it better for us :-)


The DOM inspector is the quickest way to show developers why firefox is better. That with the DOM inspectThis add-on, right click on some item, inspectThis, BAM in the Dom inspector with all the css rules displayed.

Their eyes pop right out of their heads in amazement.


Long overdue! Installed it as soon as I seen the link in the bug report! Thanks Shawn!!!

Now to get it out of the sandbox so anyone can get it easily.

“more freedom for Inspector updates are both Good Things”

That’s good, but presumably it also means that Firefox can be updated without updating DOMI, so DOMI releases could lag behind Firefox releases…

Good to hear that (and to see this blog post, actually). I got the impression from a couple of your bugzilla comments that DOMI had been dumped on you and you weren’t exactly thrilled to be taking it on, so I feared you (and/or Mozilla) may not be committed to it for the future. If that fear wasn’t justified, then sorry for doubting you (obviously not the best thing to be jumping to conclusions based on bugzilla comments, but in the absence of other info…)

The problem is that I can’t install it.
I have Firefox but the firefox addons site tells me to upgrade….

“Upgrade Firefox to use this add-on”

Should I just be patient for the next version to be released?



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