Storage Explorer 0.1

I just resolved Bug 394108, which means Storage Explorer 0.1 is complete!

There are still several features I want to add such as database properties and data viewing, but right now it offers basic query execution. If you want to help, you can file bugs and/or submit patches!

Here is the version 0.1 build.

By Shawn Wilsher

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Just tried Storage Explorer on a recent Minefield nightly build (2007090205 Minefield/3.0a8pre).

It would be nice when the tables inside a database would be listed too. Now I should have a look at to find out what tables are inside.
Then one can also list the columns inside the table.
In the end one could right click on a table to retrieve all rows from it.

But this is only 0.1, so I guess we can expect more features in the future.
Or perhaps that goes beyond the features of this tool.

@AndyEd – There seems to be a typo in that ERD. The table is “moz_historyvisits” (no second underscore) – at least on my current install, Firefox 3.0a8pre.

Query to show the user table names in a given database:
SELECT name FROM sqlite_master
WHERE type=’table’

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