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First Day

I started work at Mozilla today, and it was quite an interesting day. The day started off getting our paperwork inline, which was taken care of by Karen Prescott (who also showed us her intern deterrent – a spray bottle of water!). That was all in building K, and I work in building S, so I then hiked it across the campus to get there. I then got to meet my mentor in person, Dan Mosedale (I’ve talked with him online a bit before coming out here). A bit later, I met Mike Connor, my boss (even though he’ll be in Toronto most of the time) and the head Firefox guy.

It’s really cool finally being able to meet all these people that I’ve met and talked with online in person. Of course, it has a downside too as I’ve learned that I seem to have mispronounced a lot of names. Reed has been getting them correct, so my guessing at names must suck (plus, he’s been around for a while).

I’ll talk about what bugs I’ll be working on tomorrow, since now I’m too tired and going to bed.

By Shawn Wilsher

The man behind the site.