Firebug with XPCNativeWrappers

I’ve got a build of Firebug with XPCNativeWrappers enabled (normally they are disabled). This build is also working in Firefox 3. The problem I have, however, is that I do not know how to use Firebug all that well. I’ve tested basic functionality, and it seems to work, but I really need some people to test the hell out of it.

I expect things to not work, especially the debugger. So, if you find something that doesn’t work, let me know and try to provide a url and steps to reproduce.

Install Firebug Test Build

UPDATE: So, I didn’t actually up the maxversion of the extension. Also, XPCNativeWrappers are a bad idea since it will only let you use DOM methods (kinda useless for a lot of sites). I’ll be working on this more today…

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Is this supposed to work in Firefox 2 at all? Down there, going to any website (say, this one) and evaluating anything in the JS console gets you back “__scope__ is not defined
javascript: with (__scope__.vars) { with (__scope__.api) { with (__scope__.userVars) { with (window) {try {__scope__.callback(eval(__scope__.expr));} catch (exc) {__scope__.callback(exc, true);}}}}}
Line 1”.

So, the same happens on trunk. Additionally, your xpi isn’t compatible with 3.0 by default. Furthermore, downloading it exposed a bug in the DL Manager, which displayed two downloads but fetched it only once (huh?).

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