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Bay to Breakers

Mozilla had a bit of an outing today at Bay to Breakers. By today I do of course mean this morning; very early this morning. We started out by hopping on the Caltrain that departed at 6:19 AM (ug). That had to be the most crowded train ride ever (note: picture doesn’t do it justice)! It was like a bus after a football game on campus. We had to stand on it for over an hour until we arrived in San Francisco.

The city was pretty cool, and there are some massive buildings and some really neat architecture. We walked under the Bay Bridge (I think that is the correct name) and got to the meeting place. Eventually we got to the start line, and we ended up only making it about 3 miles in (I know – lame) where we went and got lunch. I thought about running it, but nobody else wanted to, and I really didn’t feel like waiting forever for everyone to get to the finish line. No, we never continued (they were opening the streets back up – we would have never made it in time).

I have to say, it was a pretty crazy experience. Apparently, there are no open intoxicant laws in California as there are in Michigan (or they clearly were not being enforced). Also, walking around in the nude seems to be a popular thing (No, I’m not going to get into numbers here). It was crazy, but fun, and if I’m around next year, I think I’ll do it again (but I think I’ll run the race regardless).

Justin has been kind enough to host an album of some of the pictures he took so you can enjoy the experience too (these are safe for work).

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