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Web Site Work and Extensions Update

More work has been done with this website as I get it ready for the release of RTSE. You won’t see a lot of these changes unless you know what you are looking for because things are deliberately hidden right now. Don’t worry though, soon enough I’ll be releasing it to the general public. Beta1 is already underway, and several bugs have already been reported and fixed. We are still trying to add support for the editor to look ‘right’ when you have a theme enabled, but there are still some issues with that. It may or may not work by the time we release the extension, but we’ll get it in on a future version if it doesn’t.

As for things you can see that have changed with this site, I’ve added an about page which has very little about me. I’m never good at talking about myself, so if you think I should add something, let me know. Soon to come will be the contact page, which will have more contact info than just me.

This upcoming break, once RTSE is released, I’ll be revamping the Orion/Oxford Soccer League’s web site to allow the administration to post news entries, announcements, or other various things. I’m thinking that a WordPress thing might work out very well. I will probably put up a forum as well. Maybe with a new site look, people will post in it. Probably not, but it still allows for another avenue of communication between the players’ families and the administration.

The ETA for the release of RTSE is December 24. Until then, keep checking back for updates!

By Shawn Wilsher

The man behind the site.

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