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For those of you using the asynchronous location bar add-on, today’s nightly of both mozilla-central and mozilla-1.9.1 should show a reduction in memory use. Turns out there was a bit of a leak in mozStorage that would mean you’d get high memory usage that would never go down. My bad.

For those of your programmers out there, I have a word of advice. Always make sure you have a virtual destructor in your base class. If you don’t, you could spend days tracking down a leak that doesn’t seem to make sense. Of course, this probably would have been spotted earlier if we reported leaks in xpcshell unit tests.


  1. Alternatively you can make your subclasses override (rather than forward) Release, in which case a virtual destructor isn’t necessary, instead it simply bloats your vtable.

    • Mark
    • Posted March 12, 2009 at 03:20 (3:20 am)
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    I’m curious, is it possible for an addon to incorporate another data source? If not, will that be possible in the future?

    The reason I ask is lately I’ve been using Evernote a lot. It ‘clips’ content (text, images, etc) from a web page, or anywhere on your computer, into it’s online storage and then syncs with the client on your computer (if you have it installed).

    I don’t always remember to bookmark all the pages I clip, but also the evernote application search, searches through tags, title and content.
    This evernote content falls in the same category in my brain as bookmarks. I usually have a vague recollection of what I’m looking for and I end up having to go to both Evernote and Firefox to search for it. It would be great if I could start typing in the awesome bar and a second process were able to search through Evernote.
    Is this possible?

  2. @Neil
    Except in this case it’s a templated class, so I’d have to do that for each and every templated version, which is a bit painful with our macros. I was told to make a base class for code size reduction in the first place.

    Yeah, it’d be possible for an add-on to do that.

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