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Daily Archives: December 3rd, 2008

Curtis just gave me this incredibly handy piece of code that higlights errors and warnings in make output. Now, when I’m building, all the warnings are highlighted in yellow, and the errors in red. Just put the following in your bash profile script:

  ccred=$(echo -e "\033[0;31m")
  ccyellow=$(echo -e "\033[0;33m")
  ccend=$(echo -e "\033[0m")
  /usr/bin/make "$@" 2>&1 | sed -E -e "/[Ee]rror[: ]/ s%$pathpat%$ccred&$ccend%g" -e "/[Ww]arning[: ]/ s%$pathpat%$ccyellow&$ccend%g"
  return ${PIPESTATUS[0]}

Of course, improvements and more ideas welcome! Thanks goes to Curtis for this!