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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Not only do we have to take the long way home due to a rock slide, today the hotel doesn’t have power. Canada must really not like us at all.

I’m in Whistler, BC right now for a Firefox/Mozilla summit. If you need to get in touch with me, your best bet is e-mail.

If you want to see what’s going on, check out this site!

This is the second time I’ve left a note on a car for parking in my parking spot. I’m more angry because I’m going out of town for the next five days and really want to park my new car in a covered parking spot! Rawr!


I meant to get to this yesterday, but yesterday turned out to be a busy day. I meant to get to this earlier today, but today turned out to be a busy day too…

As I previously announced, I’m going to try an experiment with sheriffing the tree. While I’m the acting sheriff tomorrow (that will be from 9am – 6pm EDT), you’ll have to run checkins through me. To make this easy as possible, there are going to be a number of ways in which you can get a patch to me (in the preferred order):

  • Send me an e-mail with your hg bundle that includes the correct commit message.
  • Attach your hg bundle to the bug you want pushed, and add that bug to the wiki page.
  • Just post a bug number on the wiki page with the appropriate checkin comment.

I’ll also be going through checkin-needed bugs when things are slow. The general rule here though is that it’s a first-come, first-serve push ordering. I might take things out of order if the queue is big and I see bugs/patches that won’t interfere with each other.

Hopefully that clears up any confusion about tomorrow. I apologize for not getting this out sooner, but today was crazy. :)

I’m up for sheriff duty this Thursday, and I thought I might try something that people have discussed many times. It’s a bit radical, and I’m not sure if people will like it though. The idea is to only have the sheriff push changesets. This way, the sheriff can push things at a rate he/she is comfortable with, and stay on top of all the performance charts and random oranges. If it happens to be a slow day, I’ll be going through the checkin-needed bugs and pushing those as well.

It makes sheriffing a full time job, but I think it’s worth a try to see how it works out. I also think it will be a valuable data point to determine if we want to do it like this all the time.

Feedback wanted (posting to dev.planning as well)!