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So, Firefox 3 will have this totally awesome new location bar, that shaver has coined the Awesomebar. It really is pure awesome on so many levels because of how it works. Other people can explain this better than me, so go read this post and this post. OK, now brace yourself, because the Awesomebar is about to get awesomer!

Enter Edward. He’s a member of the community and a former intern for the Mozilla Corporation, and he’s gonna make the Awesomebar adaptively learn how to sort the results. He’s got a really cool post about his work here that you should go read right now. It has pictures even! Pictures!

Firefox 3 is gonna rock with these features, and many more. I can’t even use Firefox 2 anymore without feeling like I’m using some ancient, dumb, and slow piece of software. :(

By Shawn Wilsher

The man behind the site.