Growl in…and back out

I had some time today to commit the changes in Bug 378785 that would re-enable Growl support on trunk. Sadly, XULRunner didn’t like my patch, so I ended up burning the tinderbox for a while. The most annoying part is that I didn’t catch that I was burning (it started very quickly after I checked in), and after I thought everything was OK (two or three hours after checking in), I went to take a nap. I awoke to several messages to people informing me that I broke XULRunner on the mac. :(

So, after some work I’ve got a new patch on the bug. It’s just awaiting review from Benjamin Smedberg and I might be able to finally move on with this bug (and step right into Bug 378527 ).

By Shawn Wilsher

The man behind the site.