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My First Bug

My first bug reported for Firefox, bug 331807.

That’s right! My first bug reported for Firefox, bug 331807.

The bug has to deal with a security error that isn’t an error in the current version of Firefox, but is an error in Bon Echo, the alpha release of Firefox 2.0. It’s a good thing that I test these things, as that would have been a big monkey wrench once 2.0 came out. I’ve found a workaround for it, but I fear that the workaround leaves the same security hole open that was patched in Bon Echo.

Regrettably, it also happens to be bug that kills the main feature of my most popular extension, RTSE. It will also kill the main feature in an extension I’ve been planning to make. Can we say ‘Curses’ anyone? Of course, this won’t affect Firefox 1.5.0.*, so those of you who uses the stable builds of Firefox will have nothing to worry about for some time.

I’ll keep updating this in the comments for anyone that is interested.

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Well, it their eye’s they patched a potential security hole. In my eyes, it’s killing the extension. So chances are I need to come up with a workaround, but if there isn’t one, I’m going to be lobbying for the patch that was added to be backed out.

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