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80% Won’t Be Fixed?

I just got done reading Robert Accettura’s post referring to a New Your Times article about how 80% of Firefox bugs won’t be fixed for Firefox 3. Shocking isn’t it? It sure was shocking for me.

I’m really surprised that such a reputable news organization would post such an inaccurate article. The article talks about how only 20% of the blockers are actually expected to be fixed. While this may be true, a bug that is marked blocking-firefox3+ doesn’t actually mean a software bug exists. This is probably the most common assumption that I see people outside of Mozilla making – if a bug is filed on something, that there is something wrong with the product. The reality of the situation is that any change anyone wants to make to the code gets a bug filed for it. This means that if you want to add a feature, you file a bug. You want to rewrite some code but not change functionality? That requires a bug too. Want to remove an unused feature? That also needs to have a bug filed.

Looking at the current Download Manager bugs that are blocking Firefox 3, most aren’t software bugs. About 13 are user interface tweaks, four are feature requests, and the rest are software bugs. Of the software bugs, only six I’d really consider to be serious bugs, while the rest are fairly minor (but minor does not imply trivial to fix – that rant will have to come some other day).

Anyway, my point is that everything you read on the Internet isn’t 100% accurate, so try to think about what it is you are reading!


Cookie Monster Found! Pursuit in Progress!

The Cookie Monster I was talking about previously has been spotted! Tracking and squishing him is currently being done in Bug 403372. It turns out that cookies were expiring based on their creation time instead of last accessed time. The details can be found in the bug. Congrats to Dan for tracking this down, and thanks to everyone that helped out! Hopefully we’ll get a fix before the next beta!


Cookie Monster Eating Your Cookies?

Have you been having your brower’s cookies just seem to disappear when they didn’t used to (in say, Firefox 2)? A few others and I have noticed this, but we haven’t figured out what is up yet. After talking to Dan Witte, the cookie module owner, we still don’t know what’s up. However, if you’ve been seeing this strange and unsettling behavior, you can help us get to the bottom of it! Dan is looking for cookie logs to see if he can spot the bug. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Clear all of your cookies or start with a fresh profile.
  2. Enable cookie logging. If anyone knows how to do that on the mac, please add those instructions too!
  3. After you enable logging, start your browser, and use it normally. Whenever you think you lost a cookie, there are a couple of things you need to note:
    1. The site that you think lost the cookie.
    2. The day/time you lost the cookie.

    Send that and your log to dwitte at and hope for the best!

The more people on this, the more likely we are to find out what’s going on! Your help is greatly appreciated!

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So, Firefox 3 will have this totally awesome new location bar, that shaver has coined the Awesomebar. It really is pure awesome on so many levels because of how it works. Other people can explain this better than me, so go read this post and this post. OK, now brace yourself, because the Awesomebar is about to get awesomer!

Enter Edward. He’s a member of the community and a former intern for the Mozilla Corporation, and he’s gonna make the Awesomebar adaptively learn how to sort the results. He’s got a really cool post about his work here that you should go read right now. It has pictures even! Pictures!

Firefox 3 is gonna rock with these features, and many more. I can’t even use Firefox 2 anymore without feeling like I’m using some ancient, dumb, and slow piece of software. :(