Firebug and Firefox

One of my tasks this summer is to investigate the inclusion of Firebug in some distribution of Firefox. I’ve been playing with Firebug, submitting some patches to Joe, and trying to get a good feel for the codebase there. I have to say that it is a bit rough (and could really use some documentation), but I’m getting there. If I have time available, I’ll document things a bit better too.

The whole point of this is to present three questions to the community that I’d like to get input on. Leaving a comment is the best way to answer these questions:

  1. What does the DOM Inspector do that Firebug doesn’t?
  2. What does Venkman do that Firebug doesn’t?
  3. How would Firebug being included in some distribution of Firefox affect web developers?

I’m looking for answers to these questions with the perspective of a web developer. That is to say that I’m not concerned (at least for now) that Firebug doesn’t inspect chrome, so features specific to that should try to be avoided.