Growl Extension Bug

Joey Minta brought it to my attention that Growl isn’t saving your preference about a notification being displayed once the application you have the extension running in restarts. Today I looked into it a bit, and at first I thought I was using the wrong method. However, the method that I thought was the right one ended up being an alias for what I was doing anyway (yey for open source code!).

I really don’t want to compare registration dictionaries and then re-register myself, and it seems like I shouldn’t have to. So, I’ve sent a message to the Growl Discussion list wondering if that is actually the intended behavior. The first e-mail I got back seems to indicate that it isn’t the intended behavior, so I’m going to hold off on writing code to compare dictionaries for now. Once this issue is resolved, I will feel confident about releasing 0.9.5, as well as get docs out on how other extension can include support for Growl easily. Hopefully that will be within the next two weeks.

PHP Technology

Secure PHP on the Web

PHP is a powerful and easy language to learn. As a developer, you must use that power in a safe and effective manner. While being easy to learn means that it is easy to pick up, it also means that you may not have any experience with writing secure code. Writing secure code is a must, however, if you do not want your server to be compromised, user data stolen, your site destroyed, or quite possibly worse. In this article, you will learn about writing more secure PHP code.