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Note: I am no longer maintaining this add-on. Development has been taken over by KWierso, and the add-on now has a home page!

Donate!The Rooster Teeth Site Extender (RTSE) is an extension for Firefox 1.5 that adds multiple functionalities to the RT website ( Any frequent user of the RT website will LOVE the additional features that the RTSE adds to your browsing experience! If you wish to file a bug or a feature request, please do so on our project page.

  • An Autologin feature that saves your username and password, so you don’t have to enter it every time you close the browser!
  • A forum dropdown menu at the top of EVERY PAGE so you can jump directly to your favorite forums without having to hunt them down! You can even filter the list so it only contains the forums YOU visit!
  • A brand new text editor interface makes it LOTS easier to compose your messages and comments, including cut/copy/paste buttons, an easier Link button, and a Quote button! Also includes colors and smilies for sponsors!
  • Smilies Extension Integration! Now you can use smilies simply and easily whether you’re a sponsor or not!
  • The Themer! Themer functionality keeps all your RT site pages on the same site theme, no matter what! Are you a big fan of the Strangerhood purples, but other links keep taking you to the RvB blues? This will keep all pages, no matter how they’re linked, on your own color scheme! Never leave your RT reds or soft PANICS grays by accident again!
  • Spell checking for all your posts!

You can enable or disable any or all of the features at any time, so you only use the ones you want! Fully customizable for your personal site experience!

If you wish to change the default smilies, Purdueohol wrote up a nice tutorial found here.

Also in development are additional features for the extension, including:

  • A page-jumper utility that will let you get more easily to those pesky middle “…” pages of a multi-page thread or comments section.
  • Enhanced watchlist capability, so you can watch an unlimited number of users, threads, *and journals*!

You know you want to enhance your RT site experience. With the RTSE, you can! smile

24 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Site Extender”

  1. I can’t find wher to contact you but i already have dowlanoaded firefox…the newest version….where do i put RTSE…or what do i do in firefox to make RTSE useable…thank you for your help

  2. @Austin

    It should give you an install dialog upon clicking the link. Make sure you have javascript enabled as well, otherwise it may cause issues. Also, if you just downloaded Firefox, make sure you click on the link while in Firefox.

  3. Great extension! I love the smilies and theme settings :)
    I just found out it was yours so I came to say: Thanks for making RvB even cooler!

    (I don’t know your account name, but if you send me a message (Mithhuanion on the forums) and a link to some place you have posted about it I’ll give it a couple mods.)
    Good luck with the new features!

  4. For some irrational reason, it’s always bugged me to no end when I see that the smileys were changed to some other site and style… when the whole extension started as just an add-on/suppliment to my smilies site…



  5. Yeah, my server sucked balls back then… after I got banned I didn’t really have much incentive to keep the thing running. So I guess that’s OK…

    But now my server runs on a rock-solid P3 system sitting right next to my desktop… and with both the modem/router and server being backed by UPSes, not even a power outage can stop it. It’s got about 3 weeks of uptime, and the awesome thing is it’s only been built for about 3 weeks!

    So, yeah, I’ll definately be taking advantage of that smiley pack idea when it comes out! :D

    RTSE kicks ass and despite the login problem I’ve still got nothing but good things to say about it. ;)

  6. I like this alot. However, could you add a ‘My Log’ to the members section of the sidebar, I hate having to go through my home page to access my log.

  7. Hey Shawn, I just thought I’d let you know that for some reason when I try to install RTSE from this page I get an error saying “Firefox could not install the file because: Not a valid install package”. When I install it from the Sourceforge page it works fine though.

    Also, keep up the great work. RTSE is an awesome extension and makes Rooster Teeth so much more usable. Thanks.

  8. I love what you have created, been using it sense I was introduced to it. I am sure you have a life, we all do, with the recent changes to the RT (Polls, spoiler tags, among probable future additions) are we going to see an updated version with these extra added onto it?

    Either way, thanks for the great tool. I even just donated to put my money where my mouth is.

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